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ARMY NON RATED TIME QUESTIONS MILITARY Q AMP A AVVO. U S ARMY NCOER CLASS ... MILITARY I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT NON RATED TIME AND THE Z CODE I KNOW SOMEONE WHO RECIEVED AN CHANGE OF RATER ... July 15th, 2017 - Tasks to create NCOER All Admin data and rater Click Non Commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports Non Commissioned 3 / 4. Your last NCOER went through Oct 2014. You began the Q Course in Jan of 2015 and left in Jan of 2016 (12 months of non-rated time). You would then need an extended annual NCOER in October of 2016, with a block showing 12 months of non-rated time. On this NCOER, you would not be able to use anything you received the 1059 or non-rated time.

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